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The industry is urging to strengthen the safety of the brakes.

The industry is urging to strengthen the safety of the brakes.

2019/02/24 20:09
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The improvement of basic brake technology is still the key, and it is also the most concerned issue for experts and companies present.

Zhou Wei, director of the Automotive Transportation Research Center of the Highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, proposed that the basic brake and auxiliary brake technology of the tractor have been relatively mature, but the problems of the brake and auxiliary brake of the domestic trailer still need to be resolved.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle representative Li Wei said: "The main car (referring to the tractor) and the trailer brake force distribution is uneven, in extreme cases is very dangerous, but also the main cause of many heavy truck accidents. Main and hanging brake force distribution has been the subject of major research and development in the domestic truck industry. ”

Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck representative Li Linfeng stressed that we must strengthen the research and development of advanced braking technology, such as anti-rolling system, these technologies are still in the hands of foreign-funded parts, the supporting price is quite high, and the market is difficult to promote. Domestic vehicle and component suppliers should strengthen the research and development of advanced safety technologies and break the technical barriers to foreign investment.

Some business representatives pointed out that the heavy truck industry should also actively promote the promotion of 360-degree surround vision systems, anti-collision warning systems, lane keeping and other auxiliary safety systems to improve the safety of trucks.